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32 years of experience in GTM execution from ZERO to IPO

Our strength and differentiation is our expertise

scaling SMB, mid market, enterprise, PLG segments
engineering highly-productive demand-generation
building efficient customer success organizations
establishing international revenue organizations
constructing data-driven revenue operations
implementing multi-channel strategies
building high-performing teams

Only 0.07% of companies ever reach $100 million in annual revenue.


Exordiom’s GTM expertise is paramount to your success

"As a founder or executive, your utmost priority is to understand your business' unit economics, maintaining unwavering command and control. Achieve this by implementing a battle-tested operating framework that becomes the common language of your company. Equally crucial is a profound understanding of your customers' end-to-end journey, attained through proven processes and data-driven systems.

To steer clear of costly mistakes while scaling your company, leverage Exordiom’s expertise and proven Business management framework (LASER). This becomes particularly vital as we transition from growth at any cost to a more controlled and cost-conscious growth era.

By focusing on unit economics and employing a proven framework for business management, establishing a consistent operational cadence, you will gain unparalleled customer insights and unwavering control over your business as it thrives, laying the foundation for long-term success."

Peter Fenton
General Partner
at Benchmark

Exordiom's battle-tested LASER operating framework

Exordiom business management and operating framework (LASER) is crucial for the success of any business. A framework provides structure and guidance for making strategic decisions, managing resources effectively, and achieving business goals.


Lead generation is the lifeblood of any SaaS business. To achieve consistent, scalable growth, your business must outstrip sales capacity with a constantly overflowing pipeline.

Employing a multi-pronged strategy, that blends both inbound (content marketing, SEO, Paid ads, social media, events and trade shows) and outbound (sales prospecting, account-based marketing, partnerships, industry influencers, webinars, and virtual events) tactics, cultivates an abundant lead generation environment. A crystal-clear understanding of your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and targeted segments is imperative for generating high-quality leads that can convert into lucrative opportunities.

"Organizations with tightly aligned sales and marketing had 36% higher customer retention rates and achieved 38% higher sales win rates." - MarketingProfs

Comprehensive KPIs for LEAD GENERATION


Acquisition of new customers is a touchstone of product-market fit for SaaS businesses and a lens to view and interpret customer needs, behaviors, and expectations. It generates insights for fine-tuning the product and aligning it with market needs. Acquisition propels revenue growth, amplifies brand visibility, and is a catalyst for innovation in an increasingly saturated market. By incorporating proven hiring frameworks, rigorous lead-to-close processes, data-driven tools, and robust first-line management, startups can continually optimize sales performance and create a repeatable, scalable mechanism for acquiring new customers.

"Companies that maintain a well-structured sales process are 33% more likely to be high performers." - Vantage Point Performance

Comprehensive KPIs for ACQUISITION


Sustaining your customer base as a SaaS business relies on ensuring extensive product adoption across the customer's organization. This entails delivering immediate and continual value, causing your solution to permeate deeply into your customers' operations until its value becomes indispensable. An upward hockey-stick effect for value delivery necessitates a well-defined post-sales strategy, high NPS and CSAT scores, streamlined customer communication, and an unwavering focus on delivering consistent, tangible value. When executed correctly, this not only solidifies customer retention organically but transforms customers into brand advocates, powering a potent growth engine.

"Retaining current customers is 6 to 7 times less costly than acquiring new ones." - Bain & Company

Comprehensive KPIs for SUSTAIN


Expansion of customer spend and relationships is a lynchpin for escalating revenue and profitability. It's about nurturing vibrant, responsive relationships that adapt to evolving customer needs, prompting further investment in your solutions. Tactics such as insightful customer usage pattern analysis for upselling and cross-selling, data-driven pricing optimization, usage-based pricing models, and robust account management are vital to stimulate customer spend. A strong Net Dollar Retention (NDR) reflects your efficacy in retaining and expanding revenue from customers. Tailored cross-sell and upsell motions, and adaptive pricing and packaging strategies foster customer-centricity, nurturing deeper relationships and bolstering customer spend.

"Improving customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%." - Harvard Business Review

Comprehensive KPIs for EXPAND


Running a SaaS business using the LASER framework involves leveraging data and insights as the central drivers of your operational decision-making. This step harnesses the wealth of data generated throughout the customer journey, from initial interest to enduring loyalty and expansion. Such an approach equips your business with a clear dashboard for Lead Generation, Acquisition of New Customers, Sustaining Customer Relationships, Expansion of Customer Spend, and the operational execution with a solid handle on key performance indicators. This data-guided approach grants a competitive edge and charts a course for sustained success and growth. Maturity models through each of the aspects of LASER serve as your guide to comprehending the Go-To-Market (GTM) gaps and opportunities in your business, helping you devise a strategy to reach your new north star. By investing in infrastructure and expertise for effective data collection, analysis, and interpretation, you can ensure that your company is well-positioned for long-term success and growth.

"Companies that are data-driven are 23 times more likely to outperform competitors in terms of customer acquisition and nine times more likely to surpass them in customer loyalty." - McKinsey Global Institute

Comprehensive KPIs for RUN

Exordiom engagement enables you to take control and command of your business

We will assess your current maturity score across all elements of LASER and define your desired states. Together we set precise target, build an action plan, and deliver via on-going joint execution to get you to the desired maturity scores.

What is the Exordiom Maturity Model Matrix?

A proprietary framework to assess and elevate your GTM efficiency. By identifying your current stage across each element of LASER, through a deep data-driven assessment, we shed light on your unique strengths, areas for growth, and the strategic direction with tailored tactics needed to achieve unparalleled GTM excellence.


"During his tenure at Zuora, Marc's highly structured approach to business management and tailored operating frameworks helped us drive highly predictable and sustainable growth, ultimately leading to a successful IPO in April 2018. His contributions were critical in enabling me to have better control and command over the business, which allowed us to serve our customers better.

At Zuora, we used a robust “PADRE” as our business operating framework, and Marc's expertise helped  iterate around the go-to-market (GTM) strategy using this framework. He played a crucial role in expanding the company's reach from the commercial segment to the enterprise and international markets, which helped scale the business significantly.

Marc's contributions were instrumental in building a high-performing GTM organization whose execution helped  Zuora scale its business and achieve its growth objectives, ultimately leading to a successful IPO."

Tien Tzuo  
CEO and Founder
at Zuora

"Neej Parikh's mastery over go-to-market execution has left an indelible mark on our growth trajectory at His innovative approach and emphasis on a data-driven, tailored strategy played a pivotal role in refining our operational processes, enhancing the efficacy of our GTM initiatives, and ultimately, driving sustainable growth by implementing a proven business management and operating framework. He engages with us in a hands-on way working closely with different leaders across GTM to help drive acceleration and success for us. His drive to work deeper with founders to help them with operational detail and depth is a big aspect that we generally don’t get with experienced advisors.

Through the lens of Neej's guidance, we're accelerating through a maturity model that optimizes every facet of our customer journey — from lead generation and acquisition to retention and expansion. The precision in his approach tailored to us and his unwavering focus on data-driven, customer-centric growth is helping us build a robust, sustainable model that's primed for scalability.”

Aravind Gopalan
CEO and Founder
of Growfin

"Marc has significantly impacted and contributed to transforming our Go-to-Market strategy from an enterprise solution selling approach to a PLG flywheel model. This is a significant shift in company strategy. Checkr focuses on building high-value products to attract and retain customers rather than relying solely on its sales team to close deals.

Marc's impact on the company is further highlighted by the tailored operating framework, processes, and systems that he put in place to collect data and insights on the customer journey. This means that we are now better equipped to understand our customers and their needs, allowing us to develop more effective strategies for engaging with them.

During Marc's tenure, the company's Go-to-Market strategy became highly effective, resulting in increased command and control over the company's execution, performance, and growth."

Daniel Yanisse
CEO and Co-Founder
at Checkr

Qasar Younis
Founder and CEO at
Applied Intuition

"Neej was instrumental in helping us build and implement the sales infrastructure the business management and operating framework that will help us scale for years to come."

Vijay Balasubramaniyan
CEO and Co-Founder
at Pindrop

"In today's highly competitive Enterprise Technology SaaS landscape, having a practical operating framework is crucial for achieving sustained growth and success. during your company's scale journey, leveraging Marc's experience in using the LASER business management and operating framework can be helpful. This is particularly important as we shift from focusing on growing at any cost to a more cost-controlled growth era."

Peter Fenton
General Partner
at Benchmark

"As a founder or executive, it's vital to prioritize understanding your business’ unit economics to maintain command and control of your business. This can be achieved by implementing a proven operating and business management framework which becomes the common language of the company. Understanding your customers' end-to-end journey is also crucial to the company’s success and can be achieved by implementing proven processes and systems for collecting data and insights.

To avoid costly mistakes during your company's scale journey, leveraging Marc's experience in using the LASER business management and operating framework can be helpful. This is particularly important as we shift from focusing on growing at any cost to a more cost-controlled growth era.

By focusing on your business unit economics and leveraging a proven framework for business management and consistent operating cadence, you can better understand your customers and maintain command and control over your business as it grows, setting yourself up for long-term success."

Exordiom Insights serve as your go-to place for actionable knowledge, catalyzing your journey to success

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